Handmade Pasta With Italian Chef

Isn’t handmade pasta what real Italians are known for? In this 1.5-hour virtual experience, Chef Gianna will share family traditions, stories and create a delicious plate of pasta together using recipe passed down through generations. You will learn to make some of the most traditional Italian pasta by hand without the use of any complex equipment, the only pasta machine needed is your hands! This class focus on making traditional shapes, such as Orecchiette and Cavatelli.

You will be shipped the necessary ingredients. 

Each kit includes enough to make 1 serving for an adult.

Kit Contents:
- Semolina flour, 2lb
- Tomato basil sauce, 1 jar

Things You'll Need:
- Butter knife
- Cutting board or a clean working surface
- Medium sized pot
- Medium sized mixing bowl
- Salt
- Oil
- Water
- Any extra pizza topping you want on it
- Computer, tablet or smartphone with a stable connection. Video and sound on. Enough battery to complete the class.

Shipping Details:
Free Hong Kong delivery. Orders must be made 14 days ahead of the event to prepare shipments.

Enrolment Cut-Off Date and How to Join:
If you book any day between 2nd-31st of this month (e.g. May), then it means you are registered for the class on 1st of the next month (e.g. June). You will attend this class via a Zoom link provided to you upon checkout.

Date : Every 1st of the month
For Who (in detail) : For Adult (Men), For Adult (Women)
Medium of Instruction : English
Region : Virtual
Time : 10:30am-12noon
Venue Address : Online zoom

Category: Food & Beverage

Type: For Adults

Customer Reviews

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Ele (Eastern, HK)
easy to follow, good weekend chillin’ activity w my doll


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