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Your schedule is always packed. You want to utilize your ad hoc downtime meaningfully by upskilling, together with friends. You want to do a quick search on local classes for coming weekend based on online reviews, yet there is no such consolidated platform - you're at the right place!

Founded in 2021, OhMyClass is Hong Kong’s first e-commerce marketplace dedicated to last-minute learning experiences, allowing anyone to create, find and enrol (even at bulk price for group buying) in local classes that fuel passion, enrich lives and build business success.

We have a vision to empower people around the globe to live to learn, with a mission to offer the easiest way to discover nearby last-minute learning experiences.

We partner with the best Teachers to help you gain the knowledge you hanker for. From fun-based to professional-focused, from virtual class to offline lesson, from hour-long to year-long, our wide range of courses will surely broaden your vision and enlighten you.

We believe that course enrollment should be ad-hoc friendly, easy and fast. Every course is a special experience, and has the power to turn your day into a meaningful one. The best investment is to invest in yourself - start today!



Having graduated with distinction at University of Warwick with a master's degree in law, our founder worked in finance and edutech before starting this platform. She is a momtrepreneur that enjoys DIY-ing, painting, driving and riding horses. 


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