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Reaching more student customers locally have never been easier. Join OhMyClass as a teacher and start listing your classes! Ready to achieve with us?

2-month plan

  • Exclusive profile page: N/A
  • Advertorial feature: N/A
  • Homepage listing: N/A

12-month plan 🔥HOT

  • Exclusive profile page: Free (worth $1,200)
  • Advertorial feature: 3 free advertorial features (worth $4,500)
  • Homepage listing: 3 free homepage listings (worth $1,350)

24-month plan

  • Exclusive profile page: Free (worth $1,200)
  • Advertorial feature: 5 free advertorial features (worth $7,500)
  • Homepage listing: 4 free homepage listings (worth $1,800)




  1. Fair English understanding is required to operate the Teacher Portal (the backend where you will upload class listing details).
  2. Your membership subscription plan starts from the date you've checked out via this link.
  3. All plans non-cancellable, non-refundable and auto renewal. Plans are governed by OhMyClass’s Teacher Terms of Service found at https://ohmyclass.org/pages/terms-of-service (“Agreement”). By subscribing to a plan, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the Agreement. 
  4. Unless agreed otherwise, you are prohibited to:
    a) display your email, phone number, WhatsApp number, or any kind of contact method onto our public listings of OhMyClass (except for the details under “My Account” in the Teacher Portal), and
    b) solicit students, who contacted you based on the information displayed on OhMyClass, to join your class or related service (that is listed on OhMyClass at the time of solicitation) with you directly or in any form that will factor out OhMyClass in the enrolment process.
  5. To maintain the platform’s consistency, you agree that we shall make changes to your listing details where we deem necessary (including spacing, letter case, wrong image size, etc.) without notifying you.
  6. For every listing sold, firstly, the percentage (e.g. 3%) is deducted; secondly, the fixed lump sum (e.g. HK$3) is deducted.
  7. The Agreement supersedes all prior and contemporaneous, both written and oral, discussions, correspondence, negotiations, drafts, proposals, agreements, promises, assurances, warranties, representations and understandings.

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